Lekan is a free (to use) software

Lekan is free of charge, and you are encouraged to use it as you want without any constraints.

If motivation is here to continue to add functionalities to help users for hydrological and hydraulic studies, its development asked some efforts.

If you like this tool and it helps you or makes you save time, don’t hesitate to make an effort to support its development and maintenance.

Financial support

It is fantastic to purpose this tool for free and see its use growing.

On the other hand, its development needs a lot of time, and time is also necessary to earn money to live.

Motivation is here to add other valuable features like gridded rainfall/runoff capabilities, hydrological transfer routine, hydraulic modeling. But free time is leaking.

With financial help, it could be possible to spend more time on its development to improve its robustness and add other valuable functionalities.

If you have an idea for new functionalities, a good way to help could be funding to add it. In this case, don’t hesitate to send a mail to to discuss.

Another way is to donate to this project by clicking on one of these links.

If you want to give more, please send a message to .

The effort to help can also take the following form.

Share your experience with others

Talk around you about it to make growth the number of users.

The more users there are, the more likely is it to get effort.

Feedback on its use

Use it and report bugs or suggest improvement in the github repo, which will make Lekan more robust for you and other users.


Some explanation about how using software is very important, and first documentation is written here, but it takes some time to make it efficient and updated. So help could be appreciated to improve it, please send a mail to if you are interested.


The user interface can be translated in any languages from the platform transifex. So don’t hesitate to translate to your language to make it more friendly for users that don’t master the already available language.

The documentation could also be translated. Please send a mail to if you are interested.


Lekan code is written in C++ language. If you know this language and have some ideas to improve or add some features, it will be great to have you as a developer. Don’t hesitate to purpose pushing a request in the github repo to talk about.